What it takes for a dog to learn.

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You’ve just acquired your new puppy or new dog. How do you go about teaching them all the commands and wanted behaviours that are necessary in order to end up with a well socialized, well behaved and easily controlled dog? There are basically two types of behaviour, natural behaviour which means preprogrammed in at birth […]

How can play replace work for dogs?

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Most dogs are working dogs of working breeds. Play can replace work they need to do. This is apparent in most high energy/hyper dogs. The solution by the owners and dog professionals usually is exercising the dog to the point that he is so tired he can’t even walk anymore. Hyper dogs can also become […]

House Training Solutions

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This is a topic that not many dog owners are clear about it and don’t feel comfortable to talk about it either. Here are some suggestions that will help you ease off this basic yet very important issue. In general, when you bring a puppy or even an adult dog to your home for the […]