play and praise dog training – Online dog training

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In the online course, you will learn the basics of understanding in training dogs using “play & praise” reward system without the use of treats, tools, force or domination.

You will also learn the followings:

  • Learn how dogs learn.
  • Learn how to get a solid result out of your training program.
  • Fun dog training plan
  • Learn the 6 common and basic obedience commands
  • How to practice the commands
  • Learn how to walk your dog on a loose leash
  • Weekly and monthly homework and challenges
  • And much more

The course will start soon. Planned to start in Sept. 2107. We’ve had many requests and we don’t want you to miss this opportunity. So, we are asking you to fill out the info form bellow , so we can send you notifications about the start date and all the details.

This course is designed and build to help you build a solid, healthy and long lasting relationship with your dog while training the basic obedience course. The course is ideal for dogs starting at age 3 months old.

There’s no other course like this in the planet (as far as we know). There is no other online dog training system and module available. You will be one of the few who is going to be able to experience and benefit form this method of dog training, play & praise reward dog training system without the use of treats, aversive tools, force or domination .

Your dog and your relationship will be like no other.

Tommy is a rescue dog, he was only 5 months old when we adopted him. We never had a dog before, so we really started from ground zero. It became clear very early on that he was a sweet dog with an easy going nature. However, he had no training, no leash training, no putty training, nothing.
Tommy was very eager to learn and because of the education we have received from Saro, we have been able to build a trusting and loving relationship with Tommy which we hope to maintain for many years to come.

Thank you Saro for your wisdom and leadership. Manuela, Arturo and Tommy




I have two Duck Tollers, but the one who has benefitted most from Saro’s method of dog training is Qantas. Qantas came to us at nine months old. He was to be a show dog and was co-owned by his breeder and another family who, unfortunately, did not treat him well. His breeder repossessed him and asked if we could take this unhappy little dog and give him a loving, forever home as a pet rather than a show dog. Qantas arrived with the type of attitude and baggage that I had never had to deal with before in a pet. He was undisciplined, unbalanced, unsure and reacted adversely when confronted by approaching strangers. He had a frightening habit of jumping up and nipping when disciplined in any way. I felt I had to get some help and advice and through an Internet search found Saro.

I highly recommend Saro’s training system. Be prepared to pay attention though. You will need to take everything you learned back home and you will be expected to teach your family members the same training methods. This will only work if everyone is on the same page at home.

Cheryl with Qantas and Levi (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers)


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