Saro Boghozian – play and praise dog trainer in North vancouver

Play and praise dog training in North Vancouver
Saro, Yoko, Harvey and Jonah

My name is Saro Boghozian and I am the owner of Jonah’s Ark Doggie Centre in North Vancouver where I run and operate my own dog playcare plus provide play and praise dog training. I operate this tail-wagging business alongside my wife, Yoko and my Beagle, Harvey. We recently lost our older dog Jonah the Beagle who we had named our business after in his honour.

We help dog owners build the best and the healthiest relationships with their dogs using a unique method of dog training system, uncommon in the dog training industry today.

There is NO use of food or treats, force, domination or tools like clickers, shock collars, choke chain collars or prong collars often used for training dogs. Instead I use a simple method of “play and praise dog training” with special emphasis on educating dog owners. I am very excited to share this simple training system which guarantees results with all dog lovers around the world.


I have over 10 years of knowledge and experience of working with thousands of dogs. I am not your typical dog trainer. My unique, successful methods of play and praise dog training is not comparable to most training methods.

My book – “A Dog’s Five Essential Needs”, published in spring of 2016 offers simple solutions for dog owners to help build a better life for their dogs.

I am a certified expert family dog trainer and received my dog trainer certification from “The College of Canine Behavioural Science”. I am also a member of the “Canadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers”.

If you love your dog and want to provide the best for it, I am here to help you.

Dog Training in North Vancouver

play & praise dog training

The non-treat based methods make our positive attitudes more reinforcing to our dog than anything else. Since the course, we have a stronger bond with our rescued companion and have seen the longevity of our Trainer’s methods in our everyday lives. The training is easy, sensible, and gives you a great understanding of dog and owner behaviour. We HIGHLY recommend the dog school to dog owners in our community. Thanks Saro!

Ian, Maria with Lizzie

So you want your dog to be the best behaved dog ever? Well, go no further and take a big breath. First of all, I have learned that training is a life long journey with your dog not a 6week course that magically turns your dog into Lassie. There is no such thing. Saro’s courses take you step by step and progressively you will learn how to communicate with your dog. Every human that trains their dog has a different time line and Saro’s courses set you up for success with learning basic commands that builds a strong foundation. This foundation will allow you to communicate with your dog and lead you and best friend towards a stronger bond. I have learned so much and feel proud of my dog and continue to learn more. It is a wonderful journey and a gift we as dog owners have been given. Whatever you put into your dog he or she will give it back a hundred times more.

Heather Myhre with Josh

Saro uses a great system for training dogs. His system requires our self-discipline and because of his lessons we now understand how important our role is in creating a well-balanced dog. We have noticed a big improvement in Gunner’s “obedience”.

Janice & Gordon with Gunner

I am so thankful to Saro for his instruction, patience, persistence and knowledge. I was ready to” give up” until I met Saro and saw that his training works. I am very grateful to Saro and would recommend his obedience training course to every dog owner.

Yolanda Jessel with Marley

An excellent dog training course that explains human and dog psychology. Saro’s techniques explain dog training in easy steps.

Hella Simonsen with Bella

A couple of years ago our family got a 6-1/2 month old Aussie Shepherd. He had never been socialized with anybody or anything other than his immediate dog family…it also seemed like he may have been separated from his mom at a too early age! Our high energy pup was exactly what we wanted, but we did not bargain on the anxiety he had from all the new experiences (every experience).

Without Saro’s help and training there is no doubt in our minds that Banjo would not be where he is today. Banjo and our family have excelled because of Saro’s training classes and our training and understanding of our dog’s needs. Banjo goes to playcare as well, which has helped with dog-to-dog skills, and our peace of mind knowing that people we trust are not only taking care of Banjo while we are at work, but doing it in a way that is consistent with our training methods. We feel very fortunate to have been recommended to Jonah’s Ark.

Haida & Bob Siegmann and Banjo

Saro presents a straight- forward approach to training. The knowledge gained will help us every day with our dog! Saro’s love for the dogs really shows.

Keith, Sandy, Emily with Sky

The best dog training ever! My dog’s life will be so much better because of Saro. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

oleen Nylander with Layla

The week by week training of new commands – and practice at home worked to turn an unruly lab into a calmer and more obedient pet!

Alison Sawers with Abby

Saro is a great trainer with a unique method that teaches dogs everyday commands with no treats and only with a good communication system. After completing the course my dog has been following my commands without a treat.

Ash with Kobe

Saro taught us a new theory of dog training without using treats, and he also gave us practical tips and hands-on help to develop better communication with Tula.  She is a happier, more balanced dog, and we are more confident and responsible in leading her.  We will return for the next level as soon as we have mastered all the learning and commands from this session.  Thank you Saro!

Lynne with Tula

Saro’s obvious love for, and experience with, dogs makes him an expert resource. We learned so much, and never were we made to feel stupid when we didn’t get immediate results. Saro remained consistently calm, encouraging, and demonstrated a great sense of humour. We continue to work with our dog, as Saro taught us, and our dog is now quite consistently exhibiting the desired, obedient behaviours. A neighbour, who has seen me out with Charlie since we adopted him 4 mths ago recently commented on his nice walking (as apposed to the previously witnessed walks with the lead so taut one could have shot an arrow off it), and his sitting and staying until released at kerbs.

Ann Bulger with Charlie

After countless hours on the Internet, multiple judgments from strangers, and odd suggestions from various trainers, I thought that success with my frightened Mini Aussie was not possible. I still have a long way to go but Saro has guided us through many obstacles! With practice and determination, helpful hints and sessions, Cao is walking beautifully on a loose leash behind me and beginning to trust me more and more around strangers! Thank you! Success!

Caele with Cao