Haida & Bob Siegmann and Banjo

A couple of years ago our family got a 6-1/2 month old Aussie Shepherd. He had never been socialized with anybody or anything other than his immediate dog family…it also seemed like he may have been separated from his mom at a too early age! Our high energy pup was exactly what we wanted, but we did not bargain on the anxiety he had from all the new experiences (every experience).

Without Saro’s help and training there is no doubt in our minds that Banjo would not be where he is today. Banjo and our family have excelled because of Saro’s training classes and our training and understanding of our dog’s needs. Banjo goes to playcare as well, which has helped with dog-to-dog skills, and our peace of mind knowing that people we trust are not only taking care of Banjo while we are at work, but doing it in a way that is consistent with our training methods. We feel very fortunate to have been recommended to Jonah’s Ark.