Heather Myhre with Josh

So you want your dog to be the best behaved dog ever? Well, go no further and take a big breath. First of all, I have learned that training is a life long journey with your dog not a 6week course that magically turns your dog into Lassie. There is no such thing. Saro’s courses take you step by step and progressively you will learn how to communicate with your dog. Every human that trains their dog has a different time line and Saro’s courses set you up for success with learning basic commands that builds a strong foundation. This foundation will allow you to communicate with your dog and lead you and best friend towards a stronger bond. I have learned so much and feel proud of my dog and continue to learn more. It is a wonderful journey and a gift we as dog owners have been given. Whatever you put into your dog he or she will give it back a hundred times more.