Lynne with Tula

Saro taught us a new theory of dog training without using treats, and he also gave us practical tips and hands-on help to develop better communication with Tula.  She is a happier, more balanced dog, and we are more confident and responsible in leading her.  We will return for the next level as soon as […]

Ann Bulger with Charlie

Saro’s obvious love for, and experience with, dogs makes him an expert resource. We learned so much, and never were we made to feel stupid when we didn’t get immediate results. Saro remained consistently calm, encouraging, and demonstrated a great sense of humour. We continue to work with our dog, as Saro taught us, and […]

Caele with Cao

After countless hours on the Internet, multiple judgments from strangers, and odd suggestions from various trainers, I thought that success with my frightened Mini Aussie was not possible. I still have a long way to go but Saro has guided us through many obstacles! With practice and determination, helpful hints and sessions, Cao is walking […]