In this private consultation session at your home, I will teach you and inform you all about what you need to know after you have gotten a puppy or dog. This is a must session, every dog owner needs to take after getting a dog and before anything goes the way that is not wanted. If you want to have the dream dog, this is a must.

In this session, you will get the following:

  • House proofing and setting plan to puppy/dog proof your house.
  • List of items that you will need to get for your puppy/dog.
  • Information about proper diet for your dog.
  • Explain all you need to know about your dog and it’s breed.
  • Puppy/dog needs explained.
  • I will explain what you should expect when having a puppy or dog in your life.
  • And much more.

Up to 2 hour session – One time session – At your place – $190.00