The best time to feed a dog

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Although, food is very essential part of a dog’s life, it is not the most important part. Dogs rather play, socialize and explore than eating. Since they are scavengers, they will eat whatever they can find most of the time if possible and or not eat at all for few days. Eating is only important when […]

Do dogs enjoy being trained?

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When I was promoting my book “A Dog’s Five Essential Needs”, I came across a question from one of the TV personalities which made me think deeper about this question. Do dogs enjoy being trained? The answer is yes; dogs do enjoy being trained, but depends on the training system and the way the dog […]

Are dogs motivated by treats?

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By Saro Boghozian, Expert Family Dog Trainer Many dog owners believe the only way to reward dogs is by using treats or assume that dogs only respond to treats. The reality is that we don’t give dogs enough credit. Dogs don’t need to be rewarded by food or treats only to learn something. They are […]