Private Consultations To Ask Your Questions & To Understand Your dog

I offer complete 60 minutes one on one consultation session. This will give us, an opportunity to ask each other questions and I can find out what your need are and you can find out what I can offer you.

Ask your dog questions and let me help you build the best relationship with your dog. During this consultation session, I will learn the issues that you have with your dog and I will give you a clear, honest and realistic guideline and information.

You will have a clear understanding of what you’ve done and what you need to do form now on. Plus, I will answer all or most of your questions, depending on the time limit.

I can answer questions related to dog’s behaviour, health issues, diet, training issues and puppy related issues.

For non locals, I have an option available which we can use Skype, Zoom or Facebook messenger to connect. 

Remember, this is not a training session.

The consultation rates are as follow: 

  • One hour session, at my office: $90.00 
  • One hour session, at your home: $120.00
  • One hour session, consultation calls: $85