Group Puppy Training & Socialization

Group Puppy Training & Socialization

This 4 week course group puppy training and socialization class will teach you whole lot about puppies and dogs in general. Your puppy also will learn the social skills a puppy needs to know in order to become a delightful adult dog.

We will play games and will use praise to reward dogs to create a happy, fun and confident puppy.

You will learn how to socialize your puppy on leash and off leash, games that you can play with your puppy, leash walking, how to deal with all the common puppy training issues like, potty training, crate training and how to raise your puppy effectively, so it will become a healthy and happy dog. 

This is the only class that uses play & praise as reward for your puppy rather than using treats/food, aversive tools, force or domination to train them.

4 week course. Each class is 45 minute long.  Max. 8 puppies per class. Ideal for puppies 3 to 6 months old. Please do not bring any food or treats to the class. $115.00

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