Leash Walking Workshop In North Vancouver

Leash Walking Workshop In North Vancouver


In this 2 hour workshop, you will learn how to walk your dog on a leash without being pulled by your dog and without causing any pain or stress in your dog. Most training will be done indoors and some will be outdoors. 

We WON’T be using any aversive tools like prong collars, shock collars or choke chain collars. We will also NOT use food or treats, force or domination. We will use a simple yet very effective method of dog training that has amazing results. We will use play and praise to reward your dog and teach it to have fun to walk nicely with you. 

During this workshop, you will get tons of training tips and techniques by Saro, you will get additional videos to watch at home and practice plus handouts, plans, email support and much more.

1 session workshop. Maximum 8 students per class. 120 minutes. $75.00

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