Private Puppy Training in North Vancouver

Private Puppy Training in North Vancouver

This program is ideal for: Puppies, 10 weeks older and up to 5 months old.

About this program: In this program, not only you will learn Saro’s signature dog training system of “play and praise” without the use of treats, tools, force and domination but you will also learn how to solve all puppy related issues.

  • You will learn the new scientific approach to puppy raising and dog psychology
  • You can get to teach your puppy to walk on a loose leash
  • Your puppy also will learn few basic commands
  • I will be covering all aspects of a puppy related topics with you which include; crate training, house training, chewing, jumping, health and diet.
  • I will give you some puppy socialization tips and plans
  • You will also get homework and handouts.

Your puppy will be well behaved and the envy of the neighborhood.

I will customize and price a program that works for you and the issues that you may be experiencing with your dog.

To set up a session call 604-990-1642.