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Janice & Gordon with Gunner

Saro uses a great system for training dogs. His system requires our self-discipline and because of his lessons we now understand how important our role is in creating a well-balanced dog. We have noticed a big improvement in Gunner’s “obedience”.

David Ross with Bella

We are very pleased with the progress Bella has made working with Saro. We are even pleased with “our” improvement!!

Susanne with Ava

The class focused on the well-being of the dog, always working with patience with the dog’s owner to teach the dog good behaviour in a supportive, non-angry or aggressive way.

Wendy Currie with Luna

A great course! It is clear, straight forward and direct to the points needed to train your dog. A great education in a fun way.

Lili, Jasmine and Lucky

A very useful and applicable training class, friendly instructor and knowledgeable like the dog whisperer.

Colleen with Bella

I think the Basic Obedience class is a must for every new dog owner. It’s more than just teaching a dog to sit and stay without using treats – the course touches on many aspects of dog care and explains why using the wrong technique doesn’t work. Saro persists with the dogs until they can …

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Amanda Nichol with Jack

My four month old lab has benefited immensely from the guidance Saro has provided in training our family on the basics of care from consistency in practice to general care. My four year old son is teaching his younger brother and they are both comfortable and able to walk around the house and yard with …

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Lynne Optland with Jaxson

Saro, Jaxson and I both enjoyed your interactive class, not only for your simple and effective techniques but for your patience and the inputs as well, always with a smile.

Yolanda Jessel with Marley

I am so thankful to Saro for his instruction, patience, persistence and knowledge. I was ready to” give up” until I met Saro and saw that his training works. I am very grateful to Saro and would recommend his obedience training course to every dog owner.