Tiffany with Chico & Tori from Sweet Face Dog Grooming Inc.

My two somewhat-troubled dogs, Chico (Boston, 3yrs) and Tori (Min. Poodle, 2yrs) took Saro’s basic obedient course and I can’t believe how much I’ve learned about dogs’ behavior and how to correct their misbehaving. Having worked in the pet industry myself, I’d give two thumps up to Saro’s training skill and knowledge of dogs!! His class is not like “time’s up-see you next time” type of thing nor does he emotionally get frustrated with your hyper puppy. He goes an extra mile with you and the best of all; he is very patient with dog owners and extremely helpful. After his class, my misinterpretation of dogs has been corrected and I would absolutely recommend Saro’s class to any of my clients. Thank you so much, Saro!